Salix and Sedge Farm

Contact: Cali Olleck and Brendan Parsons

Community: Salmo

Phone: 250 357 2125



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Salix and Sedge is a small scale farm in the Salmo valley, owned and operated by Cali and Brendan. Our mission is to grow healthy, high quality food for our local community. We achieve this through hard work, focused management and innovation while maintaining respect and care for our land, animals and ecosystems. We are certified organic through the Kootenay Organic Growers Society, and we focus a lot of our energy on building and caring for our most precious resource, our soil. Currently we grow a wide range of mixed vegetables, from pac choi to carrots, and we are harvesting crops from mid May until the end of October. Come visit us at the Salmo Farmer's Market or contact us to learn more about our farm and what we grow!

Where to find our products:

CSA, Salmo Valley Farmer's Market, Kootenay Co-op

When our products are available:spring, summer, fall, winter


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