Kootenay Kids

Hours: depends on program

Community: Nelson and region

Email: info@kootenaykids.ca

Website: kootenaykids.ca

Kootenay Kids Society, registered in ­­­­­2005, is an interdependent, non-profit, multi-service, community based agency.

Kootenay Kids incorporate principals of Holistic Nutrition and advocate for healthy whole foods with our families. This is an ongoing evolving program which is receiving funding and support from several community organizations. In addition to food, we are also able to offer prenatal vitamins, vitamin D drops, and baby food. Families who are pregnant or have children under 6 are eligible for $25 food vouchers, once per month are part of our prenatal outreach program.

Our programming year follows the school schedule. As such, the Family Place tends to close over holidays and Summer. In the summer months we offer Farms to Families vouchers to vulnerable families with young children. We top that supplement off with fresh produce from our garden, donations from Harvest Rescue, and Kootenay Co-op. Every Wednesday, Family Place is open all Summer, to offer food vouchers, produce, and access to our food pantry. The Food Pantry offers a range of healthy food staples, from tomato sauce to split peas, raisins, canned salmon and almonds.

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