The Uphill Bakery

Contact: David Beringer

Community: Nelson


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The Uphill Bakery has been a "micro-sized" home-based business in Uphill Nelson for over 15 years. I bought the business from its founders Toby and Joan, in February 2013. With this move from Hoover Street further up the hill to Richards Street, the bakery moved into a brand-new, purpose-built 180ft2 addition to our house (my wife Valerie is the owner of Valerie's Fermented Foods and Seasonal Soups). My business philosophy echos that of Toby: to create a good quality, basic bread selection that offers my customers value for money while reflecting my values that support organic agriculture and energy-efficient production and delivery. To this end, all of my flours and grains are organic. I bake small quantities five days a week in an electric convection oven and deliver the loaves to 3 - 5 local retailers and restaurants. My goal is to match supply to demand rather than to create more demand than I can fulfill. I am hoping to survive as a "steady state" supplier in an economic system based on ever-increasing growth. So far, so good: I just celebrated my fifth year in business.

Where to find our products:

Kootenay Coop, Burrells Grocery, Evergreen Foods

When our products are available:year-round

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