Skimmerhorn Organic Garlic

Contact: Randal Penner

Address: PO Box 871

Community: Lister

Phone: 2504022068


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To be the leading producer of Organic Gourmet Garlic by continuing to use the highest organic standards
practices and the curing process which maximizes the integrity of the garlic healing properties, taste, and shelf-life.

Mr Penner's (the owner) father was born in Taurida, Russia, where his family lived on a large farm with horses and servants. During a very turbulent time under their ruler Stalin, the family and Mr Penner's father, then 6 months old, had to flee Russia and came to Canada bringing with them a very rich legacy of farming and a love for the land.
Some of Mr Penner's first memories, are with his dad, farming the land on an old red tractor, cultivating the soil and riding in the red combine.
In 1974, Mr Penner's family moved to Lister (Creston Valley), BC. His dad continued his farming for many years. In December 1999, Mr Penner and his wife left Vancouver and moved to Lister and purchased the original farm as Mr Penner's parents were getting too old to farm anymore.

Why “Skimmerhorn Organic Garlic” Farm?
The Skimmerhorn Garlic Farm is located at the foot of the Skimmerhorm mountain range. These
mountains protect the farm from winds, provide water and the perfect balance of daylight hours of sun and shade in the hot summer days. The Lister area is an organic farming community where the farms aren't exposed to the chemicals sprays from other non-organic farmers.

Mr Penner was thrilled to finally be able to start a farm of his own in 2008. He purchased his first organic garlic seeds that year and Mr. and Mrs. Penner have enjoyed learning, experimenting and developing their farm ever since.
They started to grow commercially in 2011 and increased their productivity every year since. They bought the next 10 acres of farmland adjacent to them in 2016 to expand their gourmet garlic operation.
Skimmerhorn garlic stands out in the curing process it uses. The garlic is hung with long stems (16 inches), in small bunches, after harvest, for 3 to 5 weeks. During the curing process, the garlic bulb is still drawing a lot of nutrients from the stem. It allows the garlic to receive optimum nutrients, maximize its healing properties, its taste and extends the garlic shelf-life. The garlic will keep, in proper storage conditions, at least 9-10 months. This curing process is very labor intensive and requires a lot of storage space which is why the large garlic farms do not practice it and cut the garlic stem close to the bulb before harvesting it.
At Skimmerhorn Organic Garlic, we are committed to quality over quantity and that is what makes the Skimmerhorn Garlic farm provide the highest quality garlic possible.

When our products are available:summer, fall