Sage Holistic Pet Foods

Address: 3154 Hwy 6 Slocan Park BC v0X-2E0

Community: Slocan Park

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Unique in the industry our whole food nutrient dense products are formulated in a Chinese Medicine model, with the latest research in vitality and longevity. Fueling the body for effective function. A healthy body is the definitive model of effective function. Species appropriate, prepared to deliver its highest nutrient potential, highest absorption and easily digested.
We sell across Canada to vets, specialty pet food stores, high end dog Breeders, dog sporting groups and individual sales. We also attend Farmers markets and use our local producers first while supplies are available. We use the finest organic, Taoist superior herbs in a proprietary formula synergistically formulated to provide full potential of all ingredients.

Where to find our products:

Ellisons Market in Nelson, Sage Pet Foods Slocan Park

When our products are available:year-round

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