Kootenay Kombucha

Community: South Slocan

Email: kootenay.kombucha@gmail.com

Website: kootenaykombucha.pro

We make kombucha, a healthy probiotic elixir that is low in sugar and naturally fermented using organic teas, sugar and herbs. The fermentation process creates beneficial acids that help clean the digestive system. Kootenay Kombucha packs a flavour punch that is different than most other kombuchas. Our brewery is built from a passion for health and whole foods. We celebrate the abundance and way of life in the Kootenays by brewing unique elixirs that reflect our region. Kootenay Kombucha’s mission is to encourage education about herbal and holistic medicines, our local food systems, digestive health, and to reduce packaging waste. Most of the blends are brewed with an adaptogenic herb. Brewing ingredients are sourced locally and the company is developing relationships with local farms and wildcrafters for some of our fresh fruits and herbs.

Where to find our products:

Kootenay Co-op, Ellison's Market Nelson. Check website for other locations.

When our products are available:year-round

Products: ,