Half Moon Herbals: Medicinal Herb Farm & Apothecary

Contact: Nikola Barsoum

Community: Johnsons Landing

Email: nikola@halfmoonherbals.com

Website: www.halfmoonherbals.com

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We are a small team of passionate Community Herbalists and Organic/Regenerative Farmers, delighted to be in our second year of growing medicinal herbs here on the north end of Kootenay Lake. Our farm is split between the Lakehead & Beyond Farmers Cooperative where we team up with organic farmer Michael Silver from Earth Temple Gardens to create a 'living art' farm of mixed-veggie and medicinal herbs (see us from the road in Meadow Creek)! In Johnsons Landing, we are in the midst of establishing perennial stands of medicinal herbs using wild-simulated growing methods for high quality medicine which is also ecologically restorative.

Growing and gathering medicinal herbs to nourish and support the health of our community, is what drives us. We believe that access to medicinal herbs should be as secure as access to healthy food, and are therefore focused on ensuring a LOCAL supply. We also understand that herbal medicine is 'the peoples medicine', and are always seeking ways to encourage others on their paths of learning and connecting to plant medicine. We offer accessible workshops to our community and we celebrate the use of herbs in preventative and integrative health care.

All the remedies made in our apothecary are from herbs grown in our gardens or wild-harvested from the healthy fields, forests and mountain sides that surround us.

We are incredibly grateful to the land and clean water that make this life all possible; to the wise herbalist elders in our community who teach and encourage us; to the other farmers of the Kootenays, so open to sharing and supporting each other; to our friends and family; and of course to other herb-enthusiasts and CSA members who source their herbal medicine locally, and make a livelihood of medicinal herb farming a reality.

Come visit us at the Kaslo Saturday Market, join our farm as a CSA member, or step into the learning of medicinal herbs at one of our upcoming workshops in the Kaslo Integrative Health Clinic. We welcome all on this shared journey of plant, land, people care.

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