Green Attitude Farm

Contact: Pierre Halotier

Address: 1708 37th Street, Creston (Riverview)

Community: Creston

Phone: 250-254-2125


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Green Attitude Farm is a chemical/spray-free farm situated in Riverview, Creston, since 2016. Our orchard/garden is designed as a food forest in a permaculture style. Our goal is to grow uncommon fruits/vegetables.

We also produce and sell BIOCHAR which is a soil amendment like no others. Biochar aerates the soil, greatly multiplies microbial activity, retains water up to 50% and more (depending how much is applied), greatly enhances crop yields, and sequesters carbon. Unlike compost, biochar is a one-time application that last thousands of years. Sold by the cubic foot.

Where to find our products:

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When our products are available:summer, fall, year-round

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