Fox Farm

Contact: Tim and Faye Fox

Address: 2250 Hwy 6 South

Community: Nakusp

Phone: 2502654393


Located at Summit Lake, between Nakusp BC and Hills BC is Fox Farm. We raise Pigs and Beef Cows and sometimes have Chicken eggs available. All our Pork and Beef are raised with a happy, healthy lifestyle, with as much roaming freedom as possible. All are fenced in large fields with indoor and outdoor access year round. Our pork is a mixture of Duroc, Landrace, Birkshire and Yorkshire. These pigs are very hardy and grow to harvest weight (180-200 lbs) in approximately 5-6 months. Our beef is a mixture of Limousine, Charolais, Main-Anjou crossed with our Black Angus bull. These healthy, happy cows and pigs are butchered at a Government Inspected Facility to make Healthy, Tasty Meat for your table. Contact us for a price list. Piglets can be available through out the year. Steers, young Bulls and Heifers are also often available if you wish to raise your own.

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