Feed Your Soul Foods

Contact: DM McLennan

Address: 5620 Birch Hill Lane, Mirror Lake, Kaslo BC

Community: Mirror Lake

Email: feedyoursoulkitchen@gmail.com

Website: feedyoursoulkitchen.ca

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Food that feels good. Food that likes you back.

At Feed Your Soul Foods, we call our food Folk Food. The secret ingredient is Soul.

Folk Food is the kind of meal you put together with intuition, with a pinch of this and a handful of that, based on what you just happen to have on hand (even in your apparently empty pantry). Folk food is based on the lifestyle of using what's on hand, what's local, what's available seasonally.

Feed Your Soul Foods began in 1999, with a handful of coins, a hungry family, and two ambitious hands.

Imagine a young, idealistic family living an alternative lifestyle in the Slocan Valley: without electricity, without a car. Pregnant with baby G, DM would hitchhike to Nelson once a week, with a basket full of Falafel's Cousin Wraps, Indonesian Brown Rice Salad Wraps, Chickpea Yam Curry Triangles, Almond Butter Bliss Balls - and the cookie that 'the cookie emoji' was (certainly) based on: the FYSF Chocolate Oat Cookie.

Later, DM would do her 'lunch girl' rounds with a baby G in a backpack on her back. She appeared once a week and walked her basket and her baby along Baker Street. She sold lunches directly to the proprietors and operators of the Nelson businesses along Baker Street. People would cheer when she walked in the door, "The Lunch Girl is here!"

DM went from being the 'lunch girl' to the 'lunch lady.' The young family grew into a family of four, were given a car (a brown 1975 Volvo Station Wagon), moved to Kaslo in 2002, and generally re- embraced modernity.

In 2003, the young family built a kitchen into the basement of the family home in Mirror Lake, and Feed Your Soul Foods launched into officially selling ready-to-eat foods wholesale, locally.

Several of our products are still in production and have become Kootenay staples. Maybe we've already fed you. Maybe you've had an Almond Butter Bliss Ball. Or an Indonesian Brown Rice Salad Wrap with peanut sauce.

Our recipes feature natural foods and whole foods. Our kitchen is vegetarian. We make stuff you can enjoy daily. Our aim is to nourish and sustain vitality. We even care what kind of music the soup is listening to, as it bubbles.

We've got frozen bulk packs available now (check our list of items on feedyoursoulkitchen.ca, pre-order via email to feedyoursoulkitchen@gmail.com, and we will arrange your pick up time).

After our kitchen opens publicly in Spring 2023, online ordering will become live at feedyoursoulkitchen.ca

We love to feed your soul!
Thank you,

DM, Stephanie, and Alley

Where to find our products:

Sunnyside Naturals (Kaslo), Cornucopia (Kaslo), Kane's Landing (Kaslo), Kootenay Coop (Nelson), Oso Negro Coffee (Nelson), Gaia Tree (Winlaw)

When our products are available:year-round

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